Lawyer. Reader. Knitter. Dog Parent.

My name is Pallavi Mohan and I live in Delhi with my partner, Nikhil (also a lawyer) and my dog, Olof (an Indie rescued from a foster home). Since we have no children, our dog is the sole recipient of all our love and attention.

Olof, on the other hand, devotes all his time to sleeping and completely ignores us. I give you – 50 Shades of Olof – also the name of the only book I’ll end up writing.

50 Shades of Olof

On an average, I read around 60 to 70 books a year. I don’t claim to be an extremely discerning reader – I read almost anything I can get my hands on, anything that holds my interest for the first 20 pages. I have become ambitious this year and set my goal at 120 books (I read around 112 in 2020). It is my intention to take you along as I go through the good, bad and the ugly of everything I read. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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